Gambling is one of the most popular and the fastest way to earn money in Malaysia. Be it a brick and mortar casino or Malaysia Online Casino .No matter how good you are gambling, the casino always wants to win. There is more to casinos than what meets the eye. Everything that casino has is just a distraction from floors to carpets, it is to make us think that we might be the next big winner. Encourages us to play and lose money which results in them earning. Some very common psychological tricks include:

Online gambling (or Internet gambling) includes poker, casinos and sports betting. The first … Gambling has become one of the most popular and lucrative businesses on the Internet. In 2007 the UK Gambling Commission stated that the .

No clocks No windows

In any casino you visit it is easy to lose track of time as you won’t be able to see any clock or window to determine what time of the day it is. Casinos are specifically designed to look the same at any time of the day as the atmosphere does not change your internal sense of time shuts off and  leads to you not being in a hurry to leave the place.

Crazy Carpets

The designs on the carpet that we see are psychedelic in nature as it keeps your mood happy when you look at it. Unconsciously encourages the players to play more. It is seen that a garnished carpet will shock the players to wakefulness.

Bright lights and pleasant sound

Another way to keep the costumers happy are upbeat noises that casinos play to make sure that the costumer’s mood is always uplifted and which encourages the customer to place more bets. The music puts the consumer in a trance-like a state as it simulations the mind.

The Casino Floor

The casino’s floors are built like a labyrinth to make sure that you see each and every part of the casino is confusing to the customer. This results in a person getting lost and seeing a new game which sparks interest in playing another bet.


Services are Strategically Located

If you are on your way to the bathroom, you must have noticed that there are a lot more games on the way as a distraction. Bathrooms, cashiers, restaurants are situated deep inside the casino, and you will be forced to walk through some eye-catching gambling entertainment.

Near wins keeps you spinning for jackpots

Casinos to keep their costumers happy manipulate them into thinking that they have a shot at winning. These close calls lead to the players thinking that they could win the next time which will make them feed their money into the game and make you think you might have a shot at the jackpot.

Free Alcohol

The two major factors that casinos give out are: Firstly, free drinks as alcohol affects the brain and slows its function. Secondly, gamblers who are drunk are more likely to spend more money on different games in the casino.

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